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Why us ?

What makes us different is not our work ethic, agile methodology, data-led performance or exceptional team it's....

The time we take to understand you and your industry

What we need in this world is more ambition.

We like working with bold partners who love doing cool stuff. Not just ‘cool’ for the sake of it but ‘cool with a purpose’, the kind of results-based cool your customers and the suits will love.

We are in the business of winning eyeballs,

integrating online and offline behaviour into an overall branded customer experience that flashes a broad shining smile in the face of marketing apathy and negative consumer confidence.

We are in the business of Making You Look Good.

Performance-Driven digital marketing

Digital Media is a must for every digital marketing strategy but budgets have to be wisely invested and managed to yield the best results.

Along with our SEO specialists, paid search and paid social media teams offer significant experience (and proven performance) across Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X and other platforms

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Mobile Marketing & Loyalty programmes

With solid expertise in the FMCG space, Vetro develops and manages customer loyalty programmes for some of South Africa’s biggest QSRs.

From our experience in mobile marketing across USSD, SMS, short codes, WhatsApp, web-based apps, mobile apps and POS, we are able to offer solutions that drive customer retention

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Custom software & web development

Our development team delivers back-end with a bang, working in all major programming languages and frameworks.

From gamification, marketing automation and loyalty programmes, to apps, websites and custom software, the Vetro dev team combines science and craft with intuition and analysis to deliver great work.

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events & activations

Vetro’s in-house and partner teams can execute all types of events in any location around the country.

We have a proud track record that includes bespoke corporate events, launches, brand activations, experiential marketing and more. We leverage our experienced network to create memorable occasions

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Strategy & Creative

Everything we do emanates from strategic and creative thinking. It’s often deciding what not to do that’s key to the success of your campaigns.

Vetro’s strategic and creative minds tactically and artistically ideate concepts that represent your brand and fulfil your objectives in the best possible way. We weave and evolve brand, communications and campaign strategy

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