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Media & Seo

As a specialist SEO and PPC advertising company, we offer strategic solutions that drive search engine marketing performance.

Google Stack

Your Google Services team has a sound understanding of Google’s performance criteria across a wide variety of industry sectors, strategically planning and executing campaigns that deliver high performance against budgets.

Across Google Search, Display, Performance Max, Remarketing and the rest of the discipline suite, the Vetro search engine media (SEM) team find creative ways to extract the maximum benefit from your budget.

You will also be provided with a dashboard where key metrics are regularly updated, giving you always-on insights into your budget and overall campaign performance.

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Kaelo Health

Kaelo Health: It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Vetro Media team. They are extremely knowledgeable and resourceful on all matters relating to PPC and have set the bar for results-oriented campaigns. They continue to do an excellent job and closely monitor our campaigns to ensure that we stay on track, while optimising for best results. They have been able to completely turn around our PPC efforts and conversion rates.
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SEO is not a single execution but an on-going process that keeps up with ever-changing algorithms and mechanisms used to prioritise website rankings within search engines. Executed well, it’s a cost-effective way of earning ‘free traffic’ to your website.

There are many factors used by search engines to determine ranking. A major factor is the relevance and authority of a subject related to keyword phrases. If your content is not constantly updated, then it stands to reason that your site will be less relevant than your competitor’s, whose content is updated.

Ultimately SEO, like all marketing activity, requires consistency – doing many of the right things all the time. It’s often a misunderstood and undervalued digital marketing service as it is not as visible as paid search, for example, but those in the know, know.

And if you are one of those in the know, we want to engage with you…

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King Pie

We thoroughly enjoy working closely with Vetro Media, the team are all very passionate, not only about what they do but also about the brands they work on. The work we receive is always of the utmost quality, and we really appreciate Vetro Media’s willingness to go above and beyond for our brand. We would definitely recommend them as a marketing supplier to any brand, they would become an asset to any company they work with.
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Social Media

Social media marketers deliver highly targeted and relevant content that your audience will love, share and engage with. And that’s the point, isn’t it?

This is where the great, unspoken truth about the current state of marketing really does come to the fore. Yes, data-analysis and data-driven executions help social media companies with the content creation process, but no data exists until someone takes an action – and nobody takes an action without being served with a compelling piece of content in the first place.

Content. Remains. King.

The type of strategy differs between platforms but the over-arching truths need to form the core of those strategies.

Be relevant. Be useful. Be worthy of someone’s time.

Vetro’s social media marketers work with you to cut through the noise and connect with your audience

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Rise Against Hunger

For the past four years, Vetro Media has been working closely with Rise Against Hunger Africa to build its brand presence, create awareness for our cause and generate support and confidence from our donors. The Vetro team is passionate about what we do and this is evident in the time they take to understand our organisation, what we do and how to communicate this across all marketing channels, particularly on social. The team is always accessible to us and accommodating with changes and last-minute additions which we request. We look forward to many more years of partnership, growing together to succeed.
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Why partner with vetro for
SEO and media services?

In an ideal world, SEO and paid media professionals work together on your overall campaign performance. One informs the other, speeding up campaign optimization and boosting ROI as a nett result. Vetro’s Head of Performance, Strategic Director, Head of Social and Head of Search all work together to ensure each aspect of your paid and organic traffic campaign objectives are considered, planned and well executed.

Nothing lives in isolation and there’s no winning without consistency across the board. Vetro delivers 100% transparently and works with you to deliver the right performance in line with mutually agreed targets.