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It can be challenging to pin the heart of your brand.

Even when you have a clear, strong feeling for who and what your brand is, it can be difficult to communicate it. A good digital marketing agency must be able to help you clarify your identity, if necessary, and help you find the language to express it.

It may sound obvious, but figuring out who you are as a business is so important. It's worth mentioning because a lot of businesses don’t do it and their digital marketing partners are not speaking up to assist them

This is probably why there’s so much misunderstanding between businesses and their digital marketing agencies.

Distilling an identity is the first step to alignment and partnership.

Your Goals & Objectives

Naturally, you already have several goals and objectives in mind, but your digital marketing agency should be assisting you with developing those goals and objectives.

An objective should always be dissected. If the objective is brand awareness, we need to ask why there is a lack of brand awareness in the first place? Are you a new player in the market? Has your brand actively marketed itself before? Are you communicating on the wrong channels?

Is it a budget, credibility or messaging issue?

You have to ask these questions in order to determine the best way of achieving that objective. Once you’ve deconstructed those goals and objectives, you’ll also find that achieving them fully isn’t down to one role-player, channel or activity.

It’s an important exercise that ensures roles are correctly assigned between client and agency. That makes for effective collaboration.

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It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Vetro Media team. They are extremely knowledgeable and resourceful on all matters PPC and have set the bar on results-oriented campaigns. They did an excellent job and closely monitored our campaigns to ensure that we stay on track and optimised the campaigns performance to its fullest potential. They were able to completely turn around our PPC and conversion rates.
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Your Budget

Setting a budget is easy. It’s just an amount that you’re able or willing to spend. Defining a budget is a much deeper exercise and one that’s crucial for performance.

Digital marketing agencies often do not have a conversation with their clients about what their budget can leverage. KPIs are as integral to a budget as the line items. They can’t be pulled from thin air. They have to be monitored and evaluated constantly.

There’s so much to consider.

How are they defined? Based on what information? Are they realistic? Do we need to adjust up or down? A budget without KPIs is essentially meaningless.

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Value Logistics

Everyone I have come in contact with at Vetro Media is so friendly and willing to assist. The team invested a lot of time getting to know Value and tailored their services to suit our needs. They know how to maximise ad performance and save money where possible. They quickly learned about our industry, studied our competitors, optimised our keyword campaigns and this all resulted in consistent traffic growth. I would highly recommend them to run PPC campaigns.
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Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Your digital marketing agency should care – a lot. They should care about what you’re trying to achieve, not just in marketing terms, but as a business or organisation.

They should care enough about what you do that it motivates them to innovate, investigate and implement in pursuit of your goals.

Depending on your objectives, you should consider working with digital marketing agencies that have individual digital marketing specialists and teams dedicated to particular services under one roof.

Generalists have their place in the industry, but many projects can’t be successful without a team of specialised resources – centrally managed and focused on delivering the right kind of ROI.

Successful digital marketing services requires partnership between brand and agency, mutual contribution and mutual value.

Understanding, transparency and trust should be the foundation of your relationship.

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King Pie

We have worked extremely closely with the Vetro Social Media team to create a fun an engaging experience for our customers on our social platforms. They have a sound understanding of our brand and really know who the King Pie audiences are. They have consistently played an instrumental role in providing us with a robust social media plan across various platforms and always go the extra mile to create that special community online. They have helped us trend across South Africa at least once a month, and we have seen exponential growth across all platforms.
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